about femmeffex

"Isn't it funny how
day by day nothing changes,
but when you look back,
everything is different?"
- C.S. Lewis 

So to enjoy these days that absolutely DO make a difference,here's to adding a bit of pretty, shiny and sparkly. I realized one day that everything has been marked up to such an extent that to get the things I wanted, I'd have to pay the "real" cost of the product plus another 150-200% (yes, ridiculous but very true in retail).  And that made me both sad & mad. 

Both because it felt like we were being duped without having a say in the matter.  A lot of that money we spend on trinkets, baubles, and gadgets, could be used in investments, saving for a home, starting a family, growing a future, supporting organizations and causes (of which there are so many) that actually do make a difference.  And then it made me kind of sad because I wanted both...as much as I wanted to be responsible, wonderful, Mother Theresa generous...honestly, I just wanted them both. And I thought, what would the next step be to make this a more viable option?!?!  

So the idea behind femmeffex is to bring in pieces directly from the manufacturers and/or creators and offering it here on this site, at a lower mark-up (minus shipping costs, buying/purchasing costs, etc).  Of course, this is just the beginning, and the quantities being purchased here aren't 20+...for now, there will only be limited amounts of each product so that at least everyone can have a chance at getting some 'quality purty' for a fraction of what's out there.  And hopefully, that will leave some aside to support or invest in a cause of your choosing. 

I hope to be able to bring in pieces that you and I both want, and for now, with non-wholesale amounts, at just better prices.  Fingers crossed that after some hustle and bustle, the site will be filled with even better pieces AND prices.  Let us get our cakes, eat it, AND share it with the people all around!